One last Richard Armitage scene as Thorin? What would you pay?

One last Richard Armitage scene as Thorin? What would you pay?

Always My King, or The Day After Alice

Going to watch a movie because of a cameo. Sounds rather funny and light-heartened, doesn’t it? It was my approach when I decided to watch Alice Through the Looking Glass. Because of ReAsons, of course.

It has been so long since I went to the cinema because of Richard – more than a year when I went to see The Crucible. So when I booked my ticket, I finally felt the tingle of anticipation once more. And I was definitely not disappointed!

When Alice arrived in the past and went into the castle, I knew what would come – thanks to all twitter users who have shared their knowledge and helped in preparing me 🙂 First thing I did: covering my mouth with my hand. There were people sitting right next to me, and I didn’t want to squeak right into their ears. I just love kingly Richard. I fell for him as Thorin Oakenshield, so seeing him all and officially regal is a beautiful experience.

But one problem with Richard appearing in full-screen IMAX is quite overwhelming. What to focus on? Trying the over-all sight? Composure? Face? And if face: Eyes? Lips?? Fore head wrinkles??? Too many choices for overchallenged senses.


I didn’t actually make my choice, it was made for me instead: I could not take my eyes of King Oleron’s composure. It just hit me. It starts so simple: He’s sitting on his throne, overlooking the proceedings. But when the unrest starts, he moves, leans a bit forwards in his chair, and you can sense both the slight anger about the disturbance as well as a hint of fear how Iracebeth will react. And then he stands up, but he doesn’t lose his regal composure for a second … *sighs happily*

But if we are honest, it’s a rather cruel scene: After all, he’s chiding his own daughter in front of the public, even declaring his younger daughter as successor without any premonition. (How Iracebeth may or may not have behaved in the past, doesn’t matter in that point.) But Richard amazes once more, using his warm, wonderful, subtle (I could continue, but I think you can imagine other appropriate descriptions!) voice. I loved his voice in this scene so much. You can HEAR that he is grieved, but he has to do it. There’s this wavering in his voice that tells you how he feels. Father and king. Softness under steel, if you want to put it that way.

That’s why I also liked the second scene with King Oleron. I mean, his daughter quarrels with her sister, runs out of the castle, and he is already on her heels? Carrying her back to the castle? Regal protective daddy. Mmmh. I only missed the “arms around my neck” – what a pity! I’d love to hear his voice when he says that …

One of my first thoughts after leaving the cinema was: He should play kings more often! But let’s be honest: Richard is always kingly. In all his roles (or almost? You could argue about that …) he has this security, this smoothness in his movements that makes him regally. Just a few examples (with pictures, of course – I can’t name the boys without showing them, right?):

1.) Thorin Oakenshield. Very very obvious. I mean, Thorin is THE definition of majestic.

2.) Guy of Gisborne. Noble, but impoverished. When you see him moving around Nottingham, would you think that he’s lost his property? Never.

3.) John Thornton. A master in title, but moving around his factory as if it was his kingdom. And let’s be honest: It is.

4.) Heinz Kruger. A smaller role, but the same. Remember his look, his expression. That man believes in his mission and his people. To him, they are rulers.

5.) Lucas North. So many years in Russian prison, and still sassy enough to ask for fish and chips as one of the first things after his return. And he’s back in business at once, not doubting his abilities for a second.

So, how to sum up? I guess I just like my RA crowned (and bearded as well, by the way!). But even without robes and crown, Richard is always regally and adorable – always my king 🙂




Always My King, or The Day After Alice

May your memory never fade

May your memory never fade.

Dear me, Tolkien, was that really necessary? And did you have to make it even worse, Peter Jackson? That sentence has always hurt, and especially after the cinema release of The Battle of the Five Armies. My greatest fear was that the hobbit fandom (and especially the Thorin part of it) would slowly die down and there wouldn’t be much going on the tumblr tag … Therefore, I came up with the idea to do something against it: And thus is the origin of the Weekly Thorin Oakenshield Challenge (or WTOC).

Maybe you’ve already seen it on tumblr (on my secondary blog Every week, there’s a new challenge to answer to keep the Thorin Oakenshield tag lively. 25 weeks have passed since the first challenge, and I think this is a good time for a kind of interim report.

At first, I’d like to thank all my followers. You’re the best 🙂

The sadder part, to be honest, is that there are hardly contributions, only occasionally. That’s not quite what I hoped for, so I decided to tell you about this challenge also via wordpress and twitter. I’d simply like to remind you that this challenge exists. There is no obligation to answer ALL questions, you can simply answer single questions as well. It’s all about sharing your experiences, thoughts, and feelings (of course it’s about feelings!). If you post something, just don’t forget to use the tag “WTOC” (or, alternatively, “Weekly Thorin Oakenshield Challenge”) so I can find your contributions and reblog them.

… and that’s how it all started!


I would be happy to see some more contributions, and I’m determined to set a good example – because the Thorin Oakenshield tag should always be a place full of life where you love to go!


May your memory never fade

A bottle message

I guess that many of you have already seen Guylty’s post about our Art Exchange and the beautiful motivational RAPS she made. Her description itself is like a motivation, and I don’t think I have to add much – I can only say that it looks very good amidst my books and notes … Studying has never looked that attractive! Thank you so much, Guylty!

I’d also want to thank everyone who encouraged me in the comments. I’m plunging into work again with new enthusiasm thanks to you all!!

A desk looks much nicer with such motivation!

Since it was an Art Exchange, I’d like to say something about the gift I made up for Guylty – the prototype of what I call a “Richard-in-a-bottle”.

We all know that Richard’s connection to water is rather … chilly. He tries to avoid it, but with moderate access. People try to drown him, he’s floating down rivers in barrels … and now there’s me, putting him into a bottle! Tsk.


But maybe it’s destiny? You can’t deny that a dirty, wet Richard is quite a sight – or, in this special case, a dirty, wet Sir Guy of Gisborne!

Tied to the bottle with a cord, the little heart tells you what you can expect inside.


Like you may stumble upon little treasures on the beach, the sand inside the bottle also hides some gems. Okay, not actually gems, but hearts: some of them with a charming Guy on their back. I hope the sand won’t turn into quicksand and hide them!


And what would a bottle message be without a message? There’s one hidden inside …


It’s a wet Guy?! Oops – it seems like the bottle wasn’t corked up well enough …

I hope you like your Guy-in-a-bottle, Guylty! And thanks for a great art exchange 🙂

A bottle message

RA Pocket Shrine 119/? – Study Aide

Guylty Pleasure

Three weeks ago I received an e-mail from fellow fan Aquilea. She wanted to know whether I was up for a commission. I always am although I am slow to work through them *ahem*. This one, however, had to be done in a timely fashion. Because Aquilea told me „The end of my degree course is near! I have already submitted my master thesis, but now it is all study, study, study.“ For the next two and a half to three months she was going to sit in her university’s library and prepare. And any kind of motivation to keep her on track and do the work was appreciated.

Nothing is better for that purpose than a RAPS. It’s *exactly* the sort of purpose the little shrines are designed for – small enough to fit into a pocket or the pencil-case, discreet enough to allow a quick mood boost when motivation is needed. Off…

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