New Zealand throwback #2

I’m back for the New Zealand throwback, so let’s start without many big words 🙂


Day 8: East Cape

Plan: leisurely driving along coastal roads and enjoying stops at beautiful bays. Reality: stopping at bays to hop out of the car, take some photos, run around the car once or twice to move a bit, and back into the car. Cold wind. Brrr. Rather early stop at a motel at Hicks Bay. Remote and cosy. Felt rather startled that Narnia is on TV. And that in New Zealand/Middle Earth …

Actually I like taking such pictures: churning sea, heavy clouds … It’s quite atmospherical!

Day 9: East Cape

Many people get up when it’s still dark, drive to the East Cape Lighthouse, and watch the sun rising. I didn’t do that, and honestly: I’m glad! I would’ve probably parked somewhere and waited till the sun was up … Coastal road including construction sites!! Oh, and don’t forget the 800 steps up to the Lighthouse … Stunning sight, though.

Stopped at Tikitiki to see the famous church. Then further on to Gisborne. Nice evening walk at the beach.

The proof that I went up all 800 steps!

Day 10: Gisborne

Today breakfast in Muir’s bookshop café. What a pity you aren’t allowed to take a stack of books and browse through them while drinking tea – you have to buy them first. Went to the lookout point for a gorgeous sight of the city.

Drove on to Napier. Rather late arrival, so I didn’t do much in the evening. For the first time, I’m not alone in a dorm. Roommates weren’t too talkative, though.

Gisborne was stunning! (And not alone because of its name *coughcough*)


Day 11: Napier

Had a lovely quiet day. Walk around the city, including a little chat with a charming lady in a souvenir shop and some hot chocolate while enjoying the Art Deco buildings. Finally managed to buy some postcards and stamps. Went to the spa in the afternoon. I just love hot pools … and a berry smoothie after that 🙂

Beautiful colours at Napier

Day 12: Palmerston North/Wellington

Tired – spent most of the day driving!

First stop at Palmerston North. So cold I wonder if I should finally buy gloves …

Arrived at Wellington in the rush hour, it seems. And for the first time, it was quite tough to get an accommodation! Managed to arrive at the first day of the World of Wearable Art show, and it seems as if no hostel, hotel, or motel has vacancies for the next three nights. Got a place in a motel actually fit for a family! For the first time since I came to New Zealand, I felt a pang of loneliness in this big rooms. It was gone soon, though. If the king size bed has to do with that? 🙂

Found an accommodation for the next few days online. Quite expansive, but whatever.

Side note: I DID buy gloves, but not here at Palmerston North …

Day 13: Wellington

First stroll around Wellington: Civic Square, waterfront, Lambdon Quay, with the cable car to the botanic garden, evening walk along the Oriental Parade. Written down quite quickly, but kept me busy the whole day ^^

I quite like my new hotel despite its price … I think I haven’t had such a comfortable bed during the last two weeks – it’s big, there are four cushions, and I’ll use all of them. Every. Single. One.

I didn’t even have to wait long until another cable car appeared 🙂

Day 14: Wellington

Decided for the hop on hop off bus tour. The tour started as a private one – most of the other participants were picked up later. The tour guide was so lovely! When he heard that I’ll join the Lord of the Rings Movie Tour the next day, he told me I should NOT look out of the window as soon as we pass Weta Cave because spoilers … And OF COURSE I tried to peek, but he had his eyes on me 🙂

In the afternoon I strolled through Te Papa National Museum. Really amazing, especially the Gallipoli war exhibition with its more-than-life-size figures from Weta. Also got me rather emotional because it was so touching. Immediately felt better after some sweets from the food night market at Cuba Street.

So so excited for tomorrow and the Movie Tour!

It really looks like in the travel magazines, doesn’t it?

… which will be mentioned in the next update 🙂

New Zealand throwback #2

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