New Zealand throwback #1

I’m sorry it took me so long to finally sit down and carry on with the posts about my holiday in New Zealand. Real life, you know …  But it’s definitely time to share some experiences (right from my travel journal) and photos after my Middle Earth Edition! So I decided to split it up into six parts for each week of my holiday. So let’s begin with week # 1 🙂

One of the first pictures I took … what else!?

Airplane. Everything feels quite surreal: Eating Chicken Tandoori at about midnight, watching Poldark … and that on a plane to New Zealand. Too afraid to watch The Hobbit because I might grin and/or cry like mad. First six hours of the flight were quite good and calm, but the next 14 hours to Australia were exhausting. Noisy which means I didn’t sleep much. Don’t remember much of the last three hours to Auckland. I still remember breakfast and the filling in of the arrival card, and then there was already the landing approach. I missed some time … By the by: I try not to think too much about crossing different time zones … makes my brain hurt.

Arrival at the airport went quite smoothly. Was rewarded with the sight of a dwarven statue in the arrival hall. Feels good to be finally here …

Check-in in my booked hotel. Got out to get a water bottle and something for breakfast next day. And then … bed!!!


Day 1: Auckland

Slept almost until midday. Took a stroll through the city: Myers Park, Aotea Square, Albert Park, University, Winyard Quarter. A Kiwi addressed me when I was in Albert Park, asking if I was on a walk. So so nice! Had some trouble to understand his accent, though …

Had some late lunch at the waterfront. Sun was shining, and it was absolutely lovely. Still tired, however, and went to bed early (again).

Auckland Skyline


Day 2: Auckland

Took the ferry to Devonport and joined a round trip. Amazing views of Auckland’s skyline. Had a disgraceful defeat in the fight men against nature … But that damned sea gulls were staring at my fish & chips!!! And I’m sure one of them got closer whenever I turned away from it …

Relaxing walk at the beach. Barefoot! Absolutely gorgeous.

Spend the evening with a nice cup of tea at the Sky Tower, watching the sunset. I think I understood for the first time that I’m really in New Zealand. Feels perfect.

The beaches of Devonport


Day 3: Auckland

Organized my rental car; I can pick it up tomorrow. Auckland Domain und museum. I learned that I shouldn’t go in museums when I’m alone … My imagination is too vivid, I can’t leave a hall with a mummy without looking over my back. Brrr. Followed by a bus tour around the city.

Albert Park


Day 4: Coromandel Peninsula

Drove on the left side of the street for the first time in my life. Woo-hoo! And didn’t went too bad … Short stop in Thames. Stopped many many times on my way to Coromandel Town to take lots of photos. Every bay prettier than the next, unbelievable. Warm sunshine, sea … happy sigh. Overnight stay in Whitianga. Another barefooted walk at the beach. Another happy sigh.

I loved to take photos with amazing clouds! This is only one of many, from Whitianga


Day 5: Coromandel Peninsula

Went to Cathedral Cove. Warm weather again, and beautiful sights. Had a little accident on the way back, though: I stumbled on the rocks of Gemstone Bay. Some bruises, and I think the girls that were there at the same time were more shocked than I was. Confused my plans, though, and Hot Water Beach was deserted when I arrived. Moved on to Waihi to stay there overnight. Had no problems with my arm while driving, but I could hardly get out of my shirt in the evening …

Cathedral Cove


Day 6: Matamata/Rotorua

Oookay. Who cares about a bruised arm when you’re standing in Hobbiton?? And know that that’s Bag End up there?? No fit of weeping or other breakdown, I’m quite proud of myself. Or maybe I just can’t get that I really was there, standing in front of Bilbo’s door and having a drink in the Green Dragon Inn …

Drove on to Rotorua and spent the evening in the Polynesian Spa. Met a nice guy who was interested in European history. Was totally excited about my knowledge of German studies, and I could have talked with him for hours.

I’m still surprised that it wasn’t necessary to remove me from the set with force …


Day 7: Rotorua

Woke up rather late and thus felt a bit disorganized. Actually planned to go on a trip to the thermal area, but drove to the historic Maori village Whakarewarewa instead – definitely a good decision, it was fascinating! Saw a cultural performance (with haka!!), a guided tour through the village, and a hangi meal at that. Great day, and the drizzle only added to the charm of the geysirs and hot springs.

Bought a greenstone pendant for my mother there – almost cried when the seller told me this: The Maori believe that a part of the wearer gets into the greenstone, and the person thus lives on in it. I feel a bit emotional in general … Maybe I need some time to work up all the impressions.

Night in Whakatane. Had a room above an Irish pub, but decided for a quiet night.

Rain and fog at Whakarewarewa Village


… And that was week 1! I try to be quicker with my next update 🙂 We will start the trip around the East Cape!


New Zealand throwback #1

5 Gedanken zu “New Zealand throwback #1

  1. A lovely distraction on a day that needs something nice to look at. It took me right back to my own trip. You did yours clock-wise, I did mine the other way round. Never made it to Hot Water Beach and Cathedral Cove. A reason to go back.
    Looking forward to more of your weeks!

    Gefällt mir

    1. Cathedral Cove was stunning! But there are just too many things to do and see in New Zealand … I mean, I was there for whole six weeks and couldn’t see everything! But I think that’s really a got reason to go back 🙂 (As if I needed a reason for that … or anyone, by the by!)

      Gefällt mir

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