The world is ahead …

Let’s start with a confession: I’m not quite sure why I write this, or what I should write. The main purpose is to inform you that I’ll be on a hiatus for a while … because I’m going on a long holiday to celebrate my university graduation. And it’s not some staying-at-the-beach-holiday.

It’s the Middle Earth experience. I’m going to New Zealand.


It’s only me, a rental car and a whole country to be explored. Pretty nice after months of „you’ve got to do this until that“ and „make sure to learn that as well“ and all that stuff.

And I’m freaking excited!!! And a bit scared, to be honest. I’ve never travelled that far on my own – after all, it’s literally the other side of the world!

I didn’t mean to write anything at all at first because I was a bit jazzed (yeah, a bit, of course only a bit). Maybe it’s the fault of the half-full bottle of Bailey’s I had to empty before my holiday, but I wish you a happy time! I’ll check my diverse accounts from time to time probably, but don’t worry if you don’t hear much of me! I’ll probably laughing/screaming/crying because I can’t believe that I stepped into Middle Earth …

*disappearing with a mixture of concerned and thrilled noises*

The world is ahead …