One last Richard Armitage scene as Thorin? What would you pay?

Me + Richard Armitage

e3755a673d68fc46f1e237c2d5a09672Today I read an announcement of a long-awaited box set of LOTR and Hobbit films to become available on Blu-Ray.

We’d have to get a blu-ray player, I guess. Which might not be the worst thing. I never really understand these announcements — are they saying there’d be an additional hour of never-before-seen footage in addition to the full versions of the theatrical and extended edition releases? Of course, spread across six films that wouldn’t be much (and I kind of have to guess that most of it would be related to the LOTR rather than the Hobbit films).

I would really like to see a scene Richard Armitage referred to in an interview, where Thorin and Bilbo talked about his childhood during the sojourn in Rivendell. That sounded really great.

All the places where I saw this announced said they saw an initial price of $800 quoted that…

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One last Richard Armitage scene as Thorin? What would you pay?

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