Another year round

Dear birthday boy (and dear reader as well, of course!)
another year’s over, and I can only say: Man, how time flies. As I sit in front of my laptop and recollect, a few highlights stick out, and I figure that I spend really much time with you, Mr A, despite all the university stuff that bothered me for so long. In this year, you …
… you made me sigh at your John Porter, the brave soldier …
… you broke my heart again as I watched your Thorin Oakenshield in the extended version of The Battle of the Five Armies …
… you put me into a moral conflict: Should I be afraid of your Francis Dolarhyde, or should I be afraid for him?
… you helped me forget all worries of the day as I listened to you narrating David Copperfield …
… you made my whole day in only three minutes as I watched your King Oleron …
However, one of the most discussed topics, I guess, was about being political – good or not good? But that’s not the point here, and I don’t want to add my own rant here – except for one or two small points:
Maybe a bit. Let’s be honest, even a single word can change our view on someone. But it shouldn’t change our view on someone’s abilities and accomplishments. And I think nobody can deny that Richard Armitage is an extraordinary actor who puts all his heart and his soul into his roles. I wouldn’t write this if I thought different of him.
I think Richard considers a great deal what he’s sharing on the internet, like his deleted posts show. But it would be really a shame if he wouldn’t tweet anything at all, don’t you agree?
And let’s be honest: There are always people who will complain about something, and if Richard hadn’t tweeted anything concerning politics, there would be people who would complain about that as well. It’s something I do not only witness with politics, but in fandoms as well. Different opinions are natural, of course, but I’d like to refer to a quote in one of Terry Goodkind’s novels, Confessor (I’m only paraphrasing here): Live your life according to your wishes. Do what pleases you, but keep two things in mind: You have to be able to justify your decisions to yourself … and you have no right to force your opinions on other people.
So, but that’s enough about rants and being all serious, and I’d like to end on a lighter note … a very happy, actually.
For this year, I didn’t only watch Richard’s works, but I also got into closer contact with his fans. I participated in the #RichieValentineSwap and, right now, in the #RichieSummerSwap, and I had a great craft exchange with Guylty, whom I’d like to thank again for a stunningly beautiful and kind RAPS that helped me a great deal through my final exam. Also check out her Birthday Auction – it’s so wonderful that fans come together and achieve something like this!
That’s one of the things I like the most about being an Armitage Admirer: Not sitting isolated in front of the TV, but also being in contact with other fans. I’ll stop here before I get too cheesy, but I guess that most of you will know what I mean …
And now I’ll leave you with birthday celebrations and re-watching, re-reading and re-listening your favourites 🙂

Happy 45th birthday, Richard! And please, keep distRActing us 🙂

PS: Oh, and can I make a wish for the next year? I’d be so so happy to see you in a kingly role once more! Or, if it has to be a smaller wish: to see you with glasses! Harry Kennedy wearing his glasses is a bit underappreciated, I think 😉

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Another year round

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Wishing you a Happy 45th Birthday


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Answer 1: It’s Your Birthday!