May your memory never fade

May your memory never fade.

Dear me, Tolkien, was that really necessary? And did you have to make it even worse, Peter Jackson? That sentence has always hurt, and especially after the cinema release of The Battle of the Five Armies. My greatest fear was that the hobbit fandom (and especially the Thorin part of it) would slowly die down and there wouldn’t be much going on the tumblr tag … Therefore, I came up with the idea to do something against it: And thus is the origin of the Weekly Thorin Oakenshield Challenge (or WTOC).

Maybe you’ve already seen it on tumblr (on my secondary blog Every week, there’s a new challenge to answer to keep the Thorin Oakenshield tag lively. 25 weeks have passed since the first challenge, and I think this is a good time for a kind of interim report.

At first, I’d like to thank all my followers. You’re the best 🙂

The sadder part, to be honest, is that there are hardly contributions, only occasionally. That’s not quite what I hoped for, so I decided to tell you about this challenge also via wordpress and twitter. I’d simply like to remind you that this challenge exists. There is no obligation to answer ALL questions, you can simply answer single questions as well. It’s all about sharing your experiences, thoughts, and feelings (of course it’s about feelings!). If you post something, just don’t forget to use the tag “WTOC” (or, alternatively, “Weekly Thorin Oakenshield Challenge”) so I can find your contributions and reblog them.

… and that’s how it all started!


I would be happy to see some more contributions, and I’m determined to set a good example – because the Thorin Oakenshield tag should always be a place full of life where you love to go!


May your memory never fade

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