RA Pocket Shrine 119/? – Study Aide

Guylty Pleasure

Three weeks ago I received an e-mail from fellow fan Aquilea. She wanted to know whether I was up for a commission. I always am although I am slow to work through them *ahem*. This one, however, had to be done in a timely fashion. Because Aquilea told me „The end of my degree course is near! I have already submitted my master thesis, but now it is all study, study, study.“ For the next two and a half to three months she was going to sit in her university’s library and prepare. And any kind of motivation to keep her on track and do the work was appreciated.

Nothing is better for that purpose than a RAPS. It’s *exactly* the sort of purpose the little shrines are designed for – small enough to fit into a pocket or the pencil-case, discreet enough to allow a quick mood boost when motivation is needed. Off…

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