A bottle message

I guess that many of you have already seen Guylty’s post about our Art Exchange and the beautiful motivational RAPS she made. Her description itself is like a motivation, and I don’t think I have to add much – I can only say that it looks very good amidst my books and notes … Studying has never looked that attractive! Thank you so much, Guylty!

I’d also want to thank everyone who encouraged me in the comments. I’m plunging into work again with new enthusiasm thanks to you all!!

A desk looks much nicer with such motivation!

Since it was an Art Exchange, I’d like to say something about the gift I made up for Guylty – the prototype of what I call a “Richard-in-a-bottle”.

We all know that Richard’s connection to water is rather … chilly. He tries to avoid it, but with moderate access. People try to drown him, he’s floating down rivers in barrels … and now there’s me, putting him into a bottle! Tsk.


But maybe it’s destiny? You can’t deny that a dirty, wet Richard is quite a sight – or, in this special case, a dirty, wet Sir Guy of Gisborne!

Tied to the bottle with a cord, the little heart tells you what you can expect inside.


Like you may stumble upon little treasures on the beach, the sand inside the bottle also hides some gems. Okay, not actually gems, but hearts: some of them with a charming Guy on their back. I hope the sand won’t turn into quicksand and hide them!


And what would a bottle message be without a message? There’s one hidden inside …


It’s a wet Guy?! Oops – it seems like the bottle wasn’t corked up well enough …

I hope you like your Guy-in-a-bottle, Guylty! And thanks for a great art exchange 🙂

A bottle message

6 Gedanken zu “A bottle message

  1. Oh, those yellow Reklam books. I remember them so well… ein ritter so geleret was, das er an den buchen las, was daran geschriben stand… 🙂
    Loved reading more about your thought process behind the message in the bottle. Those little Guy hearts are super cute, and I loved the picture you chose to draw – wet Guy… *sigh*
    Once again, a massive big thank you from me. The bottle is actually a lovely, discreet fangirling item – could be big on display without drawing unwanted attention to its contents *grins*.
    Wishing you the best of luck with your prep. Consider the RAPS as mascot. As long as you keep it in your pocket, everything will be fine 😉

    Gefällt mir

    1. Hartmann von Aue XD Middle High German stories are in orange Reclam books. So far, I’m only busy with the yellow ones: Lessing, Schiller, Hebbel … But I’ll probably prefer Gottfrieds von Straßburg „Tristan“, with focus on the story of the parents – it’s so cheesy and sad, it’s wonderful XD
      And I’m happy you like the bottle ^^

      Gefällt mir

  2. I wish I had shrine when I was writing my major thesis (had passed before all exams on time, in July will be 2 years since my graduation)) *sigh*. Though I got theme that I wanted, LOTR, (in fact I could have written whatever I wanted on Tolkien), it took me 2 years to write it – my motivation was very low. And I even forgot I had that little bronze figurine of Thorin to help my mood (and Dwalin), you know, the ones that one could buy in stores as Hobbit hidden bag figurines.

    Anyway, there’s no doubt you will rock the exams. Who would not with such a back up? 😀
    And idea of Guy in the bottle is a great one XD

    Gefällt mir

    1. I managed it through the writing of the master thesis without a RAPS. I was rather motivated because I chose the dragon-fight in the Nibelungen texts as my topic. Tolkien himself probably wouldn’t have been that good – after all, I study German literature, and I would have become a grinning/babbling mess during work. Not to mention the lack of professional distance to the topic XD Just imagine the bunch of foot notes: „Yes, yes, I know that this is what the text says, but may I draw your attention to Richard’s performance in that and that scene?“ *giggles*
      Anyway, for me it is easier to keep my motivation while writing because I can see my progress at the end of the day. But it’s different with „only“ studying, and I am really glad to have such a beautiful back up now 🙂

      Gefällt mir

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