BREAKING: Audible announces Richard Armitage’s next audiobook

Me + Richard Armitage

tumblr_n5ocdxPOv11qlhck1o1_250Audible Studios, a production arm of, today announced the release of beloved stage and screen actor Richard Armitage’s next audiobook, quickly on the heels of audience favorites David Copperfield and The Turn of the Screw (2016). This impassioned performance by the star of Hannibal and The Hobbit will be available for download shortly.

In addition to his impressive television and film resume, Armitage is a renowned and polished audiobook narrator, nominated three times for Audie Awards: for Classic Love Poems (2015); for Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: A Novel (2014); and for Venetia (2011). Audible anticipates a further nomination for David Copperfield.

Asked about the new project, Reid Armbruster, Audible’s director of social media, stated, „We are pleased to be developing our relationship with Richard Armitage after the massive audience response to his audiobooks so far. It gives us particular pleasure to be able to supply Armitage’s fans…

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BREAKING: Audible announces Richard Armitage’s next audiobook