My Emmy Dream Come True?

Armitage Agonistes

Thanks to Servetus on Me and Richard for posting a link to this article suggesting that Richard Armitage should receive an Emmy nomination for his guest role in HannibalHere

I don’t know who Gold Derby’s Daniel Montgomery is, who how successful a track record he has for predicting nominations,  but it is true, endorphins soared while I read this article and I feel rewarded for my good works today, volunteering for a spay/neutering program and helping  64 dogs and cats get through recovery after surgery today.

I’m probably a little more optimistic than Servetus that an Emmy nom may come, just because it’s so deserving and I still want to believe that talent will win out over other factors.

These were a few of the highlights for me:

[Armitage/Dolarhyde] speaks and moves as if apologizing for the space he occupies. Then he meets a film developer, Reba („True…

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My Emmy Dream Come True?

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