From the Wastepaper Basket of the Interwebs

Guylty Pleasure

Twenty days into Lent and the fasting-induced suspense is killing me. I can’t believe I am missing such fun and games over on Twitter. *whine and head-desk* From the discussions that are going on on blogs far and wide and German (amongst others), I glean that there is much excitement to be had on Social Media these days. My imagination is running riot. Forgive me if I am entertaining myself with combing through the non-Social Media. Or should that be „anti-social media“? A poor, disconnected fan girl has to distract herself with *something*.

Luckily, one can always rely on the distracting power of retail therapy. I was unsuspectingly trailing the interwebs when this suddenly popped up on my screen.

Buy Guy 1Guy Buy 3

Seriously. I really had to laugh. No fake.

However, when it comes to fakes, I am not so sure about this other item. Look what I found in the wastepaper basket of the world press. Read…

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From the Wastepaper Basket of the Interwebs

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